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Department of Chemistry & Biomolecular Sciences

Honours Program

Prospective Students

We are pleased you are interested in furthering your study with an Honours degree. To help you in this process the Department has put together a booklet describing Honours projects available with staff of the Department of Chemistry & Biomolecular Sciences, Macquarie University. The booklet will introduce you to the Department and help you decide who to contact about possible research projects.

You are free to choose to work within any project on offer in this Handbook, provided that facilities and the supervisor are available. Clearly, the outlines here are very brief and general, so you should talk further with those staff offering projects that interest you in October/November. There is often scope for modifying a project to take advantage of your particular skills and interests. The Honours Convenor and Committee are always happy to assist students, particularly those from other institutions, in finding a suitable project.

Will Honours help me towards my career?

One of the major objectives of the Honours program is to provide an opportunity for you to experience the excitement of research. You will have the opportunity to use sophisticated equipment and study an area of modern chemistry in much greater detail than has been possible earlier in your studies. It is a first step on the way to a research-based career.

An Honours program is also of great value to someone considering a career in industry or teaching. The task of planning and performing a sustained program of work will be quite different to rest of the undergraduate program and you will also gain additional experience and skills that could not be included in your earlier studies. These additional skills are recognised and valued by employers, whether or not the job is research-based.

Bachelors Honours Degrees: BSc(Hons) and BMedScs(Hons)

The Honours Program in CBMS is designed to allow you to engage with a research team and experience the process of doing your own research. In addition, you will extend your theoretical training by undertaking a total of four topics in-depth under the guidance of academics in the Department.

These are one-year full-time or two-year part-time degrees that provide students from a recognised Australian or international university the excitement of real research in a vibrant and integrated Department.

A year-long research project commences early in February (or July for mid-year enrolments) with one or more research supervisors. Two seminars are delivered and a written thesis is presented n mid-November. At the same time, two units of coursework involving essays on topics from relevant science and technology areas are undertaken. The grade of Honours is decided by combining the marks obtained for the research project (~ two-thirds) with those obtained for coursework (~ one-third).

The Honours year consists of 24 credit points (i.e. the equivalent of one year's full-time study) divided between three Essays on Frontier Science and Emerging Technologies (8 credit points) and a Research Project (16 credit points).

In addition, you will attend safety and training courses, as well as research seminars of the Department.

To qualify for entry to Honours students must satisfy the requirements specified on the Macquarie University Undergraduate Studies Section. In CBMS, this is a GPA of at least 2.5.

The BSc(Hons) program incurs a HECS liability for Australian residents and full-fees for overseas students. Macquarie allows students completing their Honours year in science and technology to enrol in all the units at the lowest band for HECS payments. Normally HECS in the middle band would be charged.

Application forms for Honours are available from the Student Enquiry Service Level 1 of the Lincoln Building or at via the Undergraduate Section's web site.

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Honours Calendar

The calendar for 2012 can be found at this link

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Information for Current Honours Students

The information document for current 2012 honours students can be found at this link. Prospective students are welcome to have a look at it to see how the progam is run.

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Masters of Philosophy [MPhil]

The MPhil is a two-year full-time or four-year part-time degree that commences in March or August each year. There are five entry points into the program:

  1. Bachelor’s degree with demonstrated research experience (coauthorship on a paper or other quantifiable experience able to be assessed by the Committee).
  2. Bachelor’s degree with a satisfactorily completed Macquarie University postgraduate certificate in research preparation.
  3. Bachelor’s degree with a satisfactorily completed honours degree which includes a research project normally worth at least 25% of the honours program load.
  4. Bachelor’s degree with a satisfactorily completed coursework Master including a research project normally worth at least 25% of the Master program load.
  5. Bachelor’s degree with a satisfactorily completed postgraduate diploma including a research component worth 25% of the program load and directly related to the acquisition of research skills.

Further information can be obtained from the Postgraduate Study web page.

Contact Us

We are sure that you will find our range of research projects highly attractive. Please contact me if you require further information.

Honours Convenor:

A/Prof Andrew Try
Phone +61 2 9850 8291

Honours Committee:

Dr Louise Brown
A/Prof Mark Molloy
A/Prof Bridget Mabbutt

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