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Department of Chemistry & Biomolecular Sciences


Higher Degree Research Study Programs @ CBMS

The Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences has a vigorous research program, with all members of staff actively involved. Research interests include: analytical/bioanalytical chemistry, environmental chemistry; atmospheric chemistry; chemical education; physical/biophysical chemistry; organic/bioorganic chemistry; biological/protein chemistry, structural biology, chemical genomics/proteomics, materials chemistry, theoretical chemistry/bioinformactic, molecular biology/genetics, microbiology, molecular cellular biology, and biotechnology.

The Department is well positioned in taking a multidisciplinary approach in addressing contemporary research problems from the molecular perspective, particularly in the areas of environmental and life sciences. It is possible to arrange higher degree programs through collaboration with other departments, ranging from biology to geology to physics. Much of the Department's research funding comes from external bodies such as the Australian Research Council and the National Health and Medical Research Council. Senior Researchers who are not full-time members of staff contribute to postgraduate training as Associate Supervisors.


For Prospective Students

The Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences offers the following higher degree research degrees:-

Note that the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy and the Honours Degree of Master of Philosophy are research degrees. Each degree requires preparation of a thesis, which is subject to external examination. All our postgraduate degrees may be undertaken either full-time or part-time, however, be aware not all types of research can be satisfactorily pursued part-time.

The Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences also offers the following postgraduate coursework degrees:-

Forms and Applications

Applicants for higher degree research programs must make contact directly with potential supervisors to discuss research projects prior to applying. Application forms for admission and scholarship details for both local and overseas students can be obtained from:

Higher Degree Research Office
Telephone: +61 2 9850 9784 or +61 2 9850 7987


If you are an overseas student, you must first contact a staff member in the research area of your interest about scholarship opportunities in the Department and the associated language requirements. Please use the link above to obtain application material. If you have NOT contacted a staff member and are just interested in the possibility of a research degree in Chemistry, Scholarship information for overseas students can be obtained from:
Higher Degree Research Office

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For Current Students

Welcome from Your Higher Degree Research Coordinator

As a research student in this department, you will find that research excellence is our focus. Upon arrival, you will be required to participate in a departmental orientation session in addition to the ones from the University and the Division of ELS. You are encouraged to fully capitalize on your intellectual capacity, scientific curiosity and creative impulses to become a skillful, inventive, and independent scientist ready for the global demand. Our faculty and staff will work closely with you in maintaining a productive attitude and environment during your career development in this department and beyond.

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CBMS Postgraduate Unit Offerings

Some units provide access to lecture notes, bulletin boards and other forms of entertainment. Your Student Number and MQ Portal password will be required for access to:

UnitcodeUnit NameUnit OutlineUnit WebpageHandbook Entry
CBMS803Organic and Biological Chemistry A[PDF][WWW][WWW]
CBMS804Organic and Biological Chemistry B[PDF][WWW][WWW]
CBMS807Bioethics and Biotechnology[PDF][WWW]
CBMS810Application of Nuclear Science to Medicine[PDF][WWW][WWW]
CBMS825Chemical Analysis II[PDF][WWW][WWW]
CBMS832Protein Discovery and Analysis[PDF][WWW][WWW]
CBMS833Functional Proteomics[PDF][WWW][WWW]
CBMS837Biochemistry and Cell Biology[PDF][WWW][WWW]
CBMS842Medicinal Chemistry[PDF][WWW][WWW]
CBMS852Molecular Biology and Genomics[PDF][WWW][WWW]
CBMS860Analytical Measurement Uncertainty and Method Validation[PDF][WWW][WWW]
CBMS861Laboratory Quality Systems[PDF][WWW][WWW]
CBMS880Molecular and Medical Biotechnology[PDF][WWW][WWW]
CBMS881Major Research Project in Biotechnology[PDF][WWW]
CBMS882Research Project[PDF][WWW]
CBMS884Biotechnology Industry Internship[PDF][WWW]

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